Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tag Sale Finds 2

This past Saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so I dragged my 2 younger sons with me to 2 different community tag sales. Not much real 'treasure' but I did manage to bring home some interesting and useful items:

1. a set of over-sized playing cards

Good for littler hands and 40 year old eyes!

2. stamps (my daughter is taking up one of my old hobbies)

Not sure if they're authentic, and they probably aren't worth much,

but many of them are like little works of art.

The graphics are strong.

Love this pelican.

3. a set of 6 egg cups

Had these in my possession less than 60 seconds(!!!! )when my youngest decided to 'toss' it back into the bag with the others...

Yes, we now have 5 good ones and 1 slightly chipped one. Oh well. They're still sweet.

4. an embroidered and crocheted bag

for my daughter - it can barely hold a few pens and lip balm it's so tiny

5. and an embroidered napkin (I think it's more of a bun warmer.)

It was stained in parts, but that doesn't matter.
I'm going to cut it apart and use only the embroidered parts.

6. 1 wool sweater to felt,

and last but not least...

7. a red skirt to re-do. I'll show you that later.


Donna said...

Those egg cups are gorgeous, I love the colored insides!

perilloparodies said...

I always want to keep pretty details like embroidery off of ruined materials, but then cannot figure out what to do with them... any ideas you care to share for someone not totally gifted in the sewing arena??