Monday, June 02, 2008


Bird illustration drawn by Dane, 2008.

This morning I opened wide the windows and let in the breeze, the scents and the sounds of a new day. June already! I had just poured a cup of coffee and took a few moments to sit and relish the quiet beginnings. I had to really listen (which is quite difficult to do at times...) Apart from the occasional growl of a motor or squeal of a tire or toot of a horn (or train whistle), the air was filled with bird calls. All types of birds... none of which I could/can recognize. I did find this site and this site and this one to help. I think I'd like to buy a bird song cd so I can tell the differences between a swift and a robin, a morning dove and a cardinal...

Edited to add: We joined Cornell's Project Feeder Watch a month ago in hopes to do more bird watching during the coming fall and winter. That should help! You can join in too - the next round begins November 8th.

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