Friday, June 06, 2008


New red berries growing on a bush.
I'm sure the birds will enjoy them!

It's very hot here today but very beautiful. The sky is bright blue, the clouds crisp and white, and there's a wonderful wind blowing. We're waiting for my in-laws to arrive for the weekend so I thought I'd squeeze in some blog time before they get here. Didn't quite know what to name this post. 'New' seemed to fit because I wanted to share some 'new' things:

New green beans budding in one of our garden beds.

New baby radishes in the cotyledon stage.

'New' iced coffee. My morning's coffee sat in the pot unused and rather throw it out, I made some iced coffee. Good.

strawberry-pomegranate soda - yum

'New' soda. We hardly drink soda anymore except on special occasions. My children limit their intake as well (their own choice although I 'might' have had some influence there!) and my daughter hates the 'fizz' so she never touches the stuff. Better for everyone's teeth. However, we have been enjoying some Italian sodas recently. They're naturally flavored and colored and are less sweet. Very refreshing over ice. We're especially enjoying the blood orange and pear & peach varieties. I need to find some recipes to make my own spritzers. You know, the juice & seltzer kinds. Any ideas?

New 'napkins'. (above) Actually they're 'bar wipes' that I found in the seasonal section of Target. 6 per pack and summery and bright (not my colors but I thought we needed a punch after a dreary winter). I got the idea from here. (she used IKEA baby washcloths) I've been reading other posts about cloth napkins vs. paper napkins. Not sure if it really reduces anything (paper/trees vs. water/energy to wash them) but I thought I'd give them a go. Making your own cloth napkins is nothing new ~ it's been around a long, long time. However with the resurgence of handmade/homemade, I really need to make some soon. I've joined the BTRS Swap and they're making napkins and placemats this time around. Should be fun.

Here are some other napkin links:
molly's handmade napkins (tutorial)
chara michele handmade cloth napkins (tutorial)

and last but not least...

New' laundry products. After reading Molly's post, I thought I'd try some gentler cleaning goods. Some dryer balls and new detergent. We'll see.

Have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

I bought my husband some Italian syrups for Christmas last year and we made Italian cream sodas quite a bit (until the syrups were gone, actually), but I would love recipes with natural flavorings...

kirsten said...

hooray for new napkins! colored like yours would be nice - our white ones will have to be bleached occasionally, i'm afraid!

and i don't think it takes any extra energy to wash them, as we just throw a few in with every load - they barely take up any room.