Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am really lacking in the "title your blog with something creative" right now. Can't think. Must be the warm weather and staying up until midnight the past few nights watching library movies?

I was restless yesterday (even with lots of things to do in the house mind you) so I went browsing at a local thrift store. Found this apron for 50 cents and thought it was perfect for Amy's new Gingham apron theme. My daughter suggested I send this in as a submission. I said that would be cheating but isn't it neat?

Not sure if it's homemade or store bought, old or new. I like it because it's black (of course) and I like the black chicken scratch with it. Maybe it'll provide some needed inspiration for the next apron theme. But if not, I think I'll actually wear this one!

How did I end up with 7 buttons when I only sent out 6?

My buttons arrived a few days ago. Aren't they adorable? I realized too late (didn't even occur to me) that I had an opportunity for some 'free' blog advertising and failed to take advantage of it. Notice all those nice little cards and tags with other people's blogs on them? When I sent in my buttons for the Button Swap, I just popped them into a plastic baggie and sent them on their way. Duh! Next time I'll be better prepared...

Some books I'm enjoying.
Some are repeats, some are new.
Thanks, Amber for the Uncommon Crochet recommendation!

Since we've moved here, I've paid more in overdue fines than I have for years at our previous place. I think it's because there are 3 different library systems in close geographic proximity to our house (all of which have their pros/cons) and none of them share a drop-off box! Our previous place had 1 basic system for the entire region, and I could easily pick up in one town and drop off in another. Not here! Oh least my $ goes to buy new books.

My dining room table is being taken over...

And last but not least... my daughter finally pulled out her new sewing machine that Grandma and Grandpa gave her last Christmas. After showing her some basic stitches, reading and re-reading the manual (this machine is different than mine), she set to work. Her first project? A pillowcase for her American Girl doll. Her next one? A skirt for her American Girl doll. So far, so good. Now we just need to move onto something for her.


Emily said...

Oh! this gingham apron is indeed NICE! in all CAPS! It will be nice to be replicated anew! Thanks for sharing! Its an inspirational piece!

Jena said...

I love your photography! I'm going to have to spend more time looking around.

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