Friday, July 25, 2008

Dyeing Again

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Summertime family togetherness part 2: Tie-Dyeing continued...

Trying to spray the extra dye from the t-shirts.

Rinsing some t-shirts in buckets of water while other shirts wait their turn.

Liking some of the designs while wet.

Watering the grass with colored water.

Modeling some of the finished products.

Notes: Next time, we'll tie-dye the old-fashioned way without making tight bundles. The dye really needs to get into more of the crevices otherwise you end up with lots of white left over. I think we're going to re-do a few of them (with our leftover dye) to add more oomph.


denise said...

Oh, but they look great! I like color, but the funky designs on white look very cool too.

kawaii crafter said...

what a great picture of the colored water, it looks like it was a lot of fun

P.S I'm having a contest on my site that you might be interested in