Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Old quilt, originally uploaded by hurrayic

Making a quilt has been on my mental to-do list for quite some time. About 12 years ago, I started one then gave up and gave away the work-in-progress. It all seemed too time-consuming then. It's still time-consuming (I think...maybe a bit?) , and I am busy, but I'd like to try my hand at it sometime soon. My bed really needs a quilt of some sort. The more modern quirky ones appeal to me more than the traditional ones. I love the ones that Erin has made and is making. And of course there's Denyse's quilts, which I admire. There are a ton of blogs out there with quilts galore. Some very crafty and talented people: too many to mention here.

Did you know that you could possibly win this quilt? Go and see...Old Red Barn is either crazy or extremely generous!

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randi---i have to say said...

I really want to win that quilt! Thanks for the link to Erin's blog. She does beautiful work!