Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday, I didn't have any particular reason or worry for feeling restless, but I did. (Well I have lots of worries and reasons, but not any one of them so large yesterday.) So what was my solution? Keeping busy.

First, I made chocolate chip cookies - yum.

Then I sewed a bit more for my 3rd attempt of this pattern. I'll show you when it's completed.

The kids and I went to see a matinee of Wall-E. (We usually wait a long time before seeing a new movie - you know, avoiding the crowds... but it's still $$!)

I did laundry (of course), visited the garden and spotted a rabbit thief!

I edited a tiny bit more of my book (will it ever be finished?), cleaned the frog tank and got to punch something!

Punching French baguette dough, that is. I pulled out the recipe that I've made since we were first married, and found that I didn't have enough of all-purpose flour, so I threw in some white whole wheat flour. I think I may use that more often. It was very yummy.

Did my restless feelings dissolve? Not necessarily. But they did subside a bit and produced some good results for the day. Now if only my busyness would include more decluttering and organizing...but hey, who wants to do that?

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Mirre said...

I'm so impressed by your baguette! It looks delicious!