Saturday, July 05, 2008

Where I Speak of My Hellomabels

Hellomabels (noun) - plural
Pronunciation: \hə-ˈlō-ˈmā-bəls\
Date: 21st century

Etymology: Hurrayic Latin flaccidus and from flaccus flabby
Its name is derived from when a lady, wearing a short-sleeve shirt
& calling out in a thick NY accent, is waving to her neighbor
across the street. The neighbor is coincidentally named Mabel.*

Definition: The area where the tricep used to be but where flaccidity
has taken place resulting in a wobbly phenomena when the arm is
lifted - especially when waving.

After viewing Simplicity's pattern 3835 here and here and here and here (you can even type in the pattern here to view a bunch more) for the past year, (yes, I'm slow) I bought the pattern on sale and made 2 shirts. I altered things a bit as you will read. I didn't end up using the allotted amount of elastic for the neck, but just made it to-fit. One shirt is looser in the elastic department than the other. I also chose the mid-length sleeves even though I wasn't making either dress.

Sucking in my tummy.

1st shirt: a black linen one from the fabric stash. Although I like the pattern, it didn't quite turn out the way I had imagined. First, the sizing. Apparently, it's great for girls with skinny arms or for girls with bigger 'chests' but small waists. For me? Let's just say my hellomabels* were getting squeezed in the sleeves! And my daughter actually had to help me out of it once I put it on. Embarrassing, yes, but haven't we all tried on something in the fitting room, realizing it's a tad too small and fearing that we'd hear an involuntary ripping sound when attempting to remove said garment?) This time I made a voluntary ripping sound... with the seam ripper! I then inserted a strip of black linen to each side and underarm in one fell swoop. Good. Tried it on again...okay... I like's a tad large but it'll do.

Note to myself: try out darts in the back?

2nd - a batiked aqua & green one. Another fabric stash find. Who knows how long I've had this. Wax residue must still be on the fabric because it has a faint lead-pencil odor to it. A few washes in the machine and it should be fine. This time, I adjusted the actual pattern pieces before sewing. The sleeves are bit shorter than the linen one, I added a slit on both sides for more interest, and I shortened the hem. I like this version too, but once again, it's a little big. I think I'll try it again - maybe the third one will be the charm.

*No offense to anyone named Mabel by the way or any New Yorker!


Paige said...

Hey there - you did much better than I did at my attempt with this pattern! I like your idea of adding a panel to each side...I'm gonna try this with the miserable breast-masher I made. Maybe all is not lost after all! And I think your shirts look super comfy. Love the black linen.

Berlinswhimsy said...

Oh, I'm glad you posted about this!

I have some linen all cut out (with the elastic, too) for this blouse but haven't found the oomph to put it together. For some reason, I just have a gut feeling it won't look good on me.

And just call me MABEL, for I have that look BIG TIME!! I've always called it my 'Milk Maid' look! No offense to Milk Maids, either...

Mom2fur said...

This Noo Yawka isn't the least bit offended...I know exactly what you're talking about!
I think the blouses are very pretty. Idea...lengthen one and wear a belt around your waist! If you ever watch "What Not to Wear," you'll know they tell you to define a waistline in your clothes.
I made two peasant blouses and I love them...and yes, I'm a bit of a Mabel myself. Who am I kidding...38DD puts me waaaay into the 'Mabel' category, LOL!

a friend to knit with said...

i have yet to make this blouse, and it has been on my list for a long time.
thanks for the reminder.
btw....i think it looks fabulous on you.