Monday, July 21, 2008

Winner! & Dress-Up Giveaway # 3

Yeah! ang is the winner of D-U-G-A #2!
Just email me your info and I'll send off the goodies to you.

Now for the 3rd giveaway. All the items are good for dress-up. There is a twist. You have to make something with some (or all) of the items that you receive for your child or for a child you know. Surprise them with an imaginative dress-up gift. A cape? A bag? A skirt? A belt? I won't put a time limit on this because I know how busy we all are. When you've completed your dress-up outfit, post a picture on your blog for all to see. I'll make a Dress-Up List on my sidebar to let others know what you're up to. That's it!

Dress-Up Giveaway with a Twist #3

2 yards iridescent green-blue-black fabric (see-through)
2 yards white feather boa
A little less than 1/4 yard of big silver dot on black fabric
1 surprise

Leave a comment if you're interested. I'll pick randomly from the comments and post the winner next Monday. And...I'll tell you about the final Dress-Up Giveaway with a Twist #4.


rachel said...

I have a niece that I would love to make something for. I have tons of people I could make cool stuff for.Thanks for letting me enter your cool giveaway!Cheers!

perilloparodies said...

okay, i am feeling up to another try at a win... let us do it! have a great day. thanks for the chance to win!

Rebecca said...

Oh I hope I win this one!

~ANG said...

You know I have to enter again. It doesn't hurt to try, right? :o)

Anja said...

Another great set of stuff. I hope I'll win this time.