Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Show

Hidden behind this young man was my son's drawing of a dinosaur.
My daughter's pieces are on the right.
That shoe is the first pair of shoes I (well, okay, Grandma) bought her.

Last Friday evening was spent enjoying an art show of which 2 of my children participated. One side of the community art center's room was decorated with artwork (in various mediums) from adults in the area; the other side was hung with work from 2 different homeschool co-ops. My older children had pencil drawings and charcoal work in the show. And, like any opening, there was:

My younger sons tried to be dainty in sneaking the crackers & cheese.

the celebration food (child-friendly and non-alcoholic kind)

a beautiful building to house the show,

"Can we go home, yet?"
plenty of admirers,

and of course, the artwork.

It was a nice change of pace, a delightful way to end a long week. I hope they have more opportunities to participate in things like this.


ellen said...

You have very talented children! I know you are proud of them!

a friend to knit with said...

wow! those photos your daughter drew are fantastic!!!
i love a good childrens art show. and with food! bonus!!!

Carol Topp, CPA said...

My dd Sarah also had 2 pieces at this exhibit! Wasn't it fun to see their work on display? And such a gorgeous setting. We knew several of the kids with their work displayed there and kept saying, "I never knew he/she was talented in art!"

I didn't see you at the exhibit, but we showed up after 7 pm, so maybe you had already left.

I finally figured out who you are from the pictures of your kids tye dying! You keep your identity well hidden.

The pics here are gorgeous! I rarely use pics on my blog: I'm all words and numbers!

See you at Co-op!

Carol Topp