Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it an 'H'?

Today's weather has been weird, vacillating somewhere between snow flurries (too big to stick) & hail (albeit brief) with moments of calm thrown in for good measure. While my son decides to save the first (measly) snowball of the season...

I make a pot of potato soup and cherry almond coffeecakes. Don't know if either recipe tastes good yet. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Today also meant piano lessons, which for some in our family translates into joy and for others, conjures up feelings of embarrassment and dread. Of course, the latter is due to lack of practice during this past week. Oh well. And yet, we forge ahead. Today we spent the car ride practicing our note flashcards. Or at least the kids did as I drove. All I heard were things like...

"Is it a C?"
"No, wait...don't tell me... I know this one!"
"Oh, rats!"
"You don't know that one?"
"Quit stalling!"

Normal stuff. Until my youngest, who at this point is the only one who doesn't take lessons, yells out, "I know what that is! Is it an 'H'?"

Too bad there isn't an 'H' on the piano.


ellen said...

I love this! Take care.Good to hear from you as always.

Ariel said...

Oh! "Is is an H,"...that's so cute!!

I love the pictures; I wish we had snow :(

Thanks for the comment! I can't believe that civilians watched the civil war for sport! Kind of reminds me of Roman coliseums.