Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming

Two days ago, we had a ladies Christmas dinner at church. Apparently each year, the dinner has a theme with each individual table decorated according to that theme. This year's theme was 'Christmas Carols'. A friend (thanks, Kristen!) and I decorated our table with a white tablecloth, red dishes, silver utensils, fancy flowered wine glasses and white coffee mugs. In the middle was a clear vase filled with bare branches & red and cream colored roses. We sprinkled rose petals on the tablecloth, set a felt rose pin at each place setting and printed out our Christmas carol on shimmery gold paper, tied up scroll-fashion with a red ribbon.

Why did I tell you this in detail? Because... I forgot to take my camera. In my haste (I also made the main dish for 80 ladies) to get to the church on time, I arrived camera-less. Oh well. What I really wanted to show you were the rose pins, so I made a few more yesterday. They are very easy to make. I followed the basic instructions from here but made them into individual pins rather than a 'pomander'. The ones I made were hot-glued together, but if I made them again, I think I would take the time to hand sew them.


ellen said...

They are lovely...and that is one of my most favorite Christmas Carols.

Angela Fehr said...

I follow Betz White too though my wool stash is greater than my time or ideas to create from it!
Found your blog via Crafty Crow - the coloured ice balloon tutorial and I'm enjoying it! Can't wait to do the balloons with my kids!