Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Have you noticed that most of my previous posts of late have been about food or recipes? What's up with that you ask? Busy with schooling and teaching at our co-op leaves me little time for making other 'stuff'. At least my creative cooking serves a purpose: eating. Of course, that pastime is something I need to do less of, or so my hips whisper (scream?) to me.

Yes, a polka-dotted nutcracker.

So perhaps making other things should take precedence? It is December after all. Or should I rephrase that with...It's December???? (Where did this year go?) I did take some time last night to work on more bear bags and continue a half-finished knitting project that I started over six months ago. I'll show both those things soon, but for now, I leave you with a simple Christmas-y project my children did a few days ago... Nutcrackers.

We love the Nutcracker - the music, the story, the ballet, the little soldiers.
Never have used one for cracking nuts though...

A year ago, I purchased several wooden nutcrackers: unpainted, complete with hair and movable mouth (from Michael's in the dollar bin area) with the intention of having my children paint their own last Christmas... oh well.

My daughter has nicknamed hers: Einstein.

The kids had fun - even my 15 year old! I love how some are well-painted and some hastily so, making each one unique.

If you're looking for some other Nutcracker-themed ideas:

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(I remember these from years ago)
Nutcracker Stockings How-To (complete with templates)
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Listen (and watch) the Nutcracker Suite (Part 1) and (Part 2)
Print out the Nutcracker March piano piece (intermediate)
Print out Waltz of the Flowers piano piece (intermediate)
Print out Trepak (Russian dance) piano piece (easy)
Nutcracker Ballet Lesson plan
Get the book from your Library Or read it online here.
Or get this version (with cd).
Listen to a Celesta (aka the sound of the sugar plum fairy)
Make some Chocolate Gingerbread Bars
Make sweet ornaments
Read about Clark's Nutcracker

I better stop now!

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