Monday, December 01, 2008

When Life Gives You Carrots...

... make carrot soup! Or at least attempt to.

Our poor neglected veggie garden should have been winterized quite sometime ago. My husband and sons were kind enough to clean the beds, pulling out roots and weeds and dead plants. The carrots that we had planted in the spring and had almost forgotten during September, October and most of November, were finally uprooted and brought lovingly into the house.

I decided to try out a carrot soup from this book. (except my book's the 'old' version) I altered a few things and made a nice big pot of it. My husband tried out a small bowl, and I took a sip from a spoon, thinking that the soup would probably taste better the next day if left in the fridge to 'marry' the flavors.

That would have been nice if one of us had remembered to actually refrigerate the soup overnight. I came down the next morning to see the big pot on the counter.

A brief conversation ensued:

"What do you think?"
"I don't know. What's your opinion?"

"We DID turn down the heat last night... maybe it's still okay."

"The bowl's still cold, the soup's colder... well, it's colder than room temp."

"I know... let's feed it to the kids first. If none of them get sick, we'll eat it!"

(That final sentence was uttered by my beloved by the way!)

Well, the soup met its reluctant demise. I thought all was lost until I spotted several sweet potatoes sitting forlornly in the potato basket! Anyone up for sweet potato soup?


a friend to knit with said...

yumm! we love carrot soup.
and we have left it on the counter several times ourselves! i always think it is fine because our home is so cold! :)

kristin said...

i'll take carrot OR sweet potato soup any day!! i would not be shy about eating it after it gets left out of the fridge.

nice to hear you had such a nice thanksgiving. xx