Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3: yellow

~ my grandmother's creamer ~
one of her engagement presents from the 1930's

Yellow is not a favorite of mine, but I do find bits and pieces of it around our house. My husband likes various hues and tints of yellow more than I.

overripe bananas destined for muffins?
gotta love that sticker: need to eat more

But the color is growing on me. I usually prefer a pale yellow like butter or a dark one like ground mustard.

a magnet my oldest painted when he was about 3 years old

It is a sunny color, full of brightness and light, so that's a plus.

a quick glimpse outside ~ hoping for more snow!

For more yellows, go visit Curious Bird!


Fine Little Day said...

The magnet and your grandmother's creamer – :)!

Allison Fouse said...

You're hoping for more snow, and over here it's in the low 80's. Freaky.

kristin said...

yeah..."brain fuel" love that :)