Friday, January 16, 2009

5: stripes & plaids

my kalimba that I've had since I was little

Hmmm... stripes and plaids do not really fit the 'color' category, but Curious Bird said any color combo of stripes or plaids is fine. Now I have to say, plaids are not something I usually go for.

a pile of clean, folded laundry that needs to make its way upstairs

Stripes on the other hand... at one point I was crazy for stripes when it came to dressing my kids. We became known as the 'striped family' by many a friend's children. When my oldest reached 13, he specifically asked me NOT to buy him any more striped shirts. That was okay - I still had 3 younger ones to dress in stripes.

Here is a very fun thing to do if you're trying to create your own stripes.

Thanks, Leya, for a nice color week.


Connie said...

Humm. I've never had a thing for stripes. But plaids, I adore plaids. I love to sew with them and get all the lines to match up--maybe it's more of an engineering challenge.

BTW, Ariel knit me one of the cotton washcloths you had on your page. She made it with varigated blue and green cotton yarn. I love it--and it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin like other cloths do.

Ariel said...

I prefer solid blues, greens, or blacks to stripes or plaids. But stripes and plaids are nice on dishcloths or towels...or socks. I love socks with lots of different colored stripes!