Friday, January 02, 2009

A Little R & R

Happy New Year!

This blog has been on a 3-week+ hiatus while we traveled to see family and friends over the holidays. Of course, I forgot to take my doohickey for uploading photos from camera to computer, so there was nothing to show & tell. However, it was wonderful to catch up with friends and relatives, eat good food, not have to cook or clean, dine out, visit museums and withstand super cold temperatures with windchill factors that made it seem even colder.

I also have to say it's good to return to our own house albeit messy and far away and return to our comforting routine again. Good to sleep in my own bed even if it's lumpy...

With so much 'free time', I was able to finish some knitting projects and make progress on other knitting projects.

I knit the neck warmer from this book. Easy and quick. I chose a Manos del Uruguay yarn which actually was once part of a thrifted sweater. Most likely it was a yarn store donation since it still had the Manos tags attached to it. I unraveled it and put it away for a special project.

My mom was its recipient. Tomorrow I'll show you another quick and easy knitting project that was also a mom gift.

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