Thursday, January 08, 2009

Long Time Project

The last few evenings, my husband and I have been catching up on Lost by watching the Season 4 dvd (a Christmas gift from my dad... Thanks, Dad.) It's amazing how much I've forgotten since the season ended in May!!! Will we watch the new season? Well... probably. Part of me wants to picket, to protest to the insane scheduling of ABC and yet, the other part of me (the weaker part?) wants to tune in just 'to see'.

As is often the case when I watch something, I like to multi-task. Eventually this will be a blanket. I began working on it several years ago (um, like 4 or 5 years?). Yes, I like to keep different projects going at the same time - keeps things interesting. Why I chose to knit a blanket rather than sew one, I don't know. Temporary insanity? I know I could frog it, but lots of time has been invested in it already. Oh well.

I started with a seed stitch on size 10 needles but soon switched to a garter stitch to save time. I've just been knitting it in strips, starting with one skein, knitting until that skein ends and attaching the next skein. It's made from Lion Brand Homespun, an inexpensive acrylic with an interesting texture and sheen. I didn't want to spend a bundle on something that would most likely get dumped on the floor, dragged through lint and dust (a certainty in my house), sat upon, spilled upon, etc. I mean, a blanket is to be used right? Not just a showpiece.

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Deirdre said...

I know that yarn! I love the colors and I've used it to make cozy Rapunzel scarves.

In the first picture, I thought you were knitting doubled-sided scarves, which would be super cool if it were possible. Is it possible? I don't know but I'll have to investigate.