Sunday, January 04, 2009


resolution: 1: the act or process of resolving;
of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones;
of answering; of determining

A new year always offers a fresh start and (hopefully) a close to some of the bad habits that we all fall into during the course of the year. Making new years resolutions however, was a 'dirty' word in my vocabulary. The anti-establishment part of me wanted to rebel against the idea while the need to be organized part of me wanted to embrace it. The truth of the matter? Fear of failure. I mean, who really likes to admit that even before February begins, that half of your resolutions haven't even got off the ground. Pas moi. So, for years, I wouldn't make any 'official' resolutions. That way...I wouldn't be setting myself up to fail.

This year, however...I thought I'd make some resolutions not just for 2009, but hopefully life resolutions. Taking some complex notions and making them more simple.

My list?
Nothing really new or life-altering, nothing to change drastically... just a simpler approach to things. Quiet things.
1. putting into practice Luke 10:27
2. letting the world spin at its own chaotic pace without me trying to jump in alongside
3. filling our bodies and minds with healthier options
4. recycling, reducing, saving
5. creating

6. teaching my children with more enthusiasm

Probably ho-hum, ordinary, 'boring' ideas and very broad categories...but if put into action... who knows? Life shattering? I wanted to write some basic categories down as a reminder to myself, knowing full well that each category has many sub-categories, sub-stratas to it, and I will therefore need to make a list for each one. But for now, this will suffice.

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randi---i have to say said...

Your goals sound a lot like mine---getting back to being purposeful about doing the important things!