Monday, January 05, 2009


A new scarf is emerging. Made from Knitpicks Andean silk.

Today, we began homeschooling again. Almost full swing. I had good intentions to keep the kids 'doing' school while away on vacation these past few weeks, but in actuality, the schoolbooks just took up valuable car space (we had to ship boxes home in order to fit all of us in the car).
Note to self: don't even entertain the notion of schoolwork while on vacation!

The color is really a bit more red than rose as shown in the photo.

Aside from the initial grumbling and 1 minor episode needing a new attitude (cue Patti LaBelle), the day went well. Better than expected, really.

Now there's a wee bit of time for a knitting project (Bainbridge scarf pattern that you can find here) and reading some new books. I had to use up some almost expired reward cards so I took a journey to a local Borders... only to find out that that particular store was closing its doors! A moment of panic struck as I thought about all those gift cards we had just received, but the stress was for naught, since found out that just THAT particular store location was closing. Another one will be opening in a different location. Go figure! Anyway, after another journey to another location, I came home with the top 4 books. (The bottom one was a gift from Mom. Thanks, Mom!)


Dan said...

Your knitted things are turning out beautifully! Now I'm even more motivated to start my class....:)

Bean said...

I love the feel of andean silk, it's absolutely perfect for a scarf & hat (mine are in the 'olive' and 'lettuce' colors, hehe)