Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You know how it is... it comes in fits and bursts and then a dull calmness. As is often the case when it snows, (even a tad) the urge to bake & cook grips me. So for the past 2 days, I've been like a dervish, whirling between flour and sugar and salt and onions and garlic. Some recipes, new & already tried, have emerged from the mess:

french bread (thumbs up)

turkey & vegetable soup (using leftovers) (thumbs so-so)

chocolate chip cookies from this book (thumbs so-so)

banana blueberry muffins from this tiny magazine (thumbs up)


dark beer & beef pastry from this book. (thumbs TBD...)

We haven't tasted this one yet, and unfortunately, I realized mid-stream that I didn't have any puff pastry in the freezer as I had thought; it turned out to be filo dough. So, this was a dark beer & beef SANS pastry. I'm sure it'll taste wonderful - all the ingredients were lovely, and the onion-y fragrance filled (overwhelmed) my kitchen.

Although next up will be whole wheat pizza dough (also from Martha's magazine), I realize that too much whirling can make anyone dizzy, so most likely a lull on the cooking front will occur next week. Unless of course we get snowed-in!

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