Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Little Warbly Bird

Today has been a wearisome day, and tomorrow we fly away to New York for something not so delightful. I wanted to share therefore a sweet little bird (since I see there are many bird lovers out there) that sort of cheers me up. I bought him from a tiny toy store about a year ago, with the intention of giving him as a gift, but he was so cute, I kept him for myself.

He's a clay whistle actually. You fill him up with a little water, blow through his tail, and out comes a warbly trembling sound. I can just imagine him singing with verve and brightness.

Of course that led me to wonder if I could make one of these little guys myself. Perhaps with the help of this tutorial, I will.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese Craft Books

What is it about Japanese craft books that have everyone going ga-ga? I've been drooling over the many photos of various Japanese craft books that so many bloggers have shared. I suppose it's the thrill of the chase, the beautiful photographs, the 'new' approach to everyday things, or perhaps it's just the feelings that the pictures convey to us. Too bad my library doesn't carry them. But then again, I'd probably save $$ by just buying a few of them rather than borrowing them and paying off exorbitant overdue fees! However, thanks to birthday gifts from my Mom, I can now look AND keep these inspiring ideas. As the woman behind the counter said, "When I look at these just makes me...happy." Exactly. Enjoy.

You've seen this one before, so I won't show too many other photos.

This purse uses a flour sack as the base. See whipup for another purse made from a rice sack.

Another little purse that I like.

Another oldie but goodie.

Scenes from a mobile.

A little cute dog pencil case. Felted, of course.

It would be unbearable if I did not include this little guy.

My third book. Thanks, Mom.

Felted purses from Tanu.

Tiny felted penguins.

Now, if only I would learn to needle felt. It's somewhat intimidating, but these pictures make it look so appealing.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blueberry Cake and a Riddle

Today we finally have snow! The kids are whooping it up outdoors, and I'm staying inside, about to enjoy a piece of freshly baked blueberry cake before it gets devoured by the 4 aforementioned kids. (say that 10x fast!) We've made this oodles of times. It was graciously supplied by Chocolate and Zucchini. The only two things I did to change it was convert the measurements from metric into US and tweak the amount of brown sugar. We added a bit more than called for. Delicious.

Now about the riddle...
What is shrunken, black and hairy?

Anya holding a 'gorilla' sweater. This is the result of one of my many attempts at machine felting. It began its journey as a thrifted mohair and nylon sweater (started out x-large) and took a ride in the washing machine twice! Doesn't it look like a small black gorilla? Not sure what to make with it, but for now it will go into my collection of felted sweaters that will someday become purses, blankets, coasters... My children think I'm a little nuts and my husband just smiles, but it IS an interesting way to see science at work.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meet Hurrayic, Ben Ben, & Tom

Hello. After many many months of lurking and hemming and hawing, Hurrayic has finally decided to join the world of blogging. A big thank you to my talented brother for some technical stuff. See his work here and here.
Another big thank you to Dane for creating the word, hurrayic. I had tried to find a title for this blog that was unique and found I was floundering, floundering, floundering. Then one day I mentioned a special treat that Dane and his brothers and sister would receive, and lo and behold he shouted, "Hurrayic!", which of course was his way of combining hurray and terrific. It seemed just the right word to me.

Now meet Ben Ben...
by: Dane (age 8)
and meet Tom...
by: Beck (age 6)