Monday, August 13, 2007

Puppy Tutorial

Last week, I posted about my daughter's Sculpey project: puppies.

I love tutorials - what a wonderful way to learn things. Well, now we've come up with a Tutorial to share - for this she chose a Doberman Pinscher (something my husband's family had as pets for years). She made the puppies and I just shot the photos. You can pick any puppy that you want; it doesn't have to be Doberman. Enjoy. You may have to click on the picture to get a bigger and more detailed view.

1. Gather materials: Sculpey or Fimo or equivalent (colors of your choice), toothpicks, pictures of puppy to refer to

2. Take a tiny ball of Sculpey and roll into a short rounded-end log, then squish the side a little like the photo on the right (the 'flatter' side is the puppy's back). This is the torso of the puppy. (Note: the right photo is the torso on its side)

3. Then picking up the piece (front on view), squish the top of the torso to a slight point.

4. Next make the puppy's head: Take another small piece of Sculpey, roll it into a ball and then press one portion into a 'triangle shape' (while leaving the rest rounded) (left photo) then pull-down slightly on either side of the triangle to make the puppy's jowls. (right photo - you might have to click on photos to get bigger, more accurate pics)

5. Attach head and torso. (front-on view)

6. Roll a tiny piece of brown into a ball, then flatten it into a very thin disc. Attach to nose/mouth area (this will be the puppy's muzzle). (Note: the left photo is the side-view of the puppy.) Carefully flatten the brown area onto the black with fingers and/or toothpick. Blend. (she added additional brown to make the special Doberman markings on each side of its face)

7. Poke 2 tiny holes with toothpick on top of the puppy's head - his eyes will go here.

8. Make 2 eyes: roll out a speck of white Sculpey and an even smaller speck of black Sculpey for each eye. She placed the black pupil on the edge so the dog will look to the left, but you can place it anywhere.

9. Now place each eye on top of the hole and press slightly.

10. Make nose: roll a small piece of black Sculpey into a ball and place where it should go - press/blend.

11. Now make 2 front legs: Roll out a tiny ball of black into thin log shape. Repeat.

12. Stick onto dog and blend with toothpick. Add second leg.

13. Now make back legs: roll out a small ball of clay and flatten slightly. Repeat.

14. Attach back legs to puppy.

15. Make paws. Roll out 4 balls of brown Sculpey (2 slightly larger for back paws). Attach to each leg. Blend with toothpick or finger.

16. Add some details: She made the characteristic brown spots for above the eyes and put some brown on the upper part of the puppy's chest.

17. Make ears: Roll out a small black ball and flatten it into a teardrop shape. Attach to the back of the puppy's head. Blend. Repeat for 2nd ear. (you could add some second color for the inside of the ear if you choose)

18. Make the puppy's tail. The Doberman only has a short stump. Roll out a tiny piece of black and shape it, then attach to puppy's bottom. Blend. (Note: you can make long tails that curl or short ones that are furry depending upon your dog.)

That's it!

Note: she added a red collar (optional) and used a toothpick to make lines on the puppy's paws. You could add a barrel, a spiked collar, a bandanna, a bow, a leash. For furrier dogs, you can add texture with a toothpick. And of course, you can make these a lot larger than she did. (Might help your eyesight!)


ellen said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I think that what makes these so special is that your daughter has the "gift" of creating each one as an individual..and such expression. It' amazing.

Deirdre said...

That's fantastic! Does your daughter know about The good folks there would love this tutorial.

Cami said...

Wow, great job! Your daughter makes it look so easy (when I know it's not) - the sign of true talent! Thanks for sharing...

Holly said...

This is such an easy-to-follow tutorial, taking the scariness out of polymer clay sculpting. Thank you to you and your daughter, this is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Adorable dog! I've never used polymer clay.. but this inspires me to try.