Monday, October 22, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday we took a walk in a nearby park. I realized that we must do this more often. It was a small park with some hiking/walking trails, and it was wooded! It had trees! Something I've missed since our move. The weather was perfect: breezy, sunny, no humidity. The kids traipsed through the very-dry stream, jumping or hopping from rock to rock, collecting fossils and stirring up the muck in the bottom of the riverbed. I could have spent hours searching, with head bent, for those bits and pieces of fossils. Fascinating.

It was just so good to be outdoors and breathing in fresh air and not sweating. We found a hollowed-out tree - very Lord of the Ringish. Can't you just imagine Arwen or Frodo hiding in there?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's been raining on and off for the past few days. I actually like it now; we so much needed it. Our grass is brown and the leaves are curled from lack of rain. Don't know if the lack of rain has anything to do with lack of vibrancy of changing leaves this year. Or perhaps this area of the country just has a later and different type of autumn.

Either way, I do appreciate the rain; it makes everything glisten and glow a bit more.

And the color of the sky is more than just gray; if you look carefully, it has bits of blue and aqua in it too.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Blur

Do you ever feel that your life is like a blur?

Mine does. Many times. The past few weeks meld together with this week, and I find it difficult to distinguish one week from another. I forget the day we're participating in... sometimes I forget to participate in it, enjoy it. Sometimes things are very clear and focused, and I can get a lot done, feel satisfied. And then there are other days when I feel that I'm both doing and watching someone else be me - it's surreal. Then of course there are other days that I end up so busy that I'm not really accomplishing anything.

But enough of that moping...

What we have been doing the past few weeks:
Trying to stay sane while schooling, schooling while not sane, visiting a corn maze, picking pumpkins, replacing windows in the house, attempting to reorganize, enjoying (finally) this cooler weather, piano lessons, co-op classes, not following recipes and being surprised with the results, (not necessarily good surprises, mind you)... the list goes on.

Mystery Cards Giveaway (look below) is closed. Although I only received 2 comments, I managed to give all the cards away (that was my intent wasn't it?). So, if you've left a comment, you will get a pack of cards in the mail (sorry for the delay)... just leave your name & where you'd like it sent.