Monday, February 04, 2008

Repurpose: New Watch Band

Thrifted felted sweater + watch = new watchband.

The online craft community is a great source for inspiration and for re-using, recycling, re-inventing and resourcefulness. Recently I've been enjoying Bella Dia's Repurpose theme. So far she's made drawer organizers, cool containers, modern flowers, cake & fruit stands among her many other creative endeavors. So with that in mind, I came up with a super easy, super quick repurpose of my own.

I've had the same watch for over 10 years. It's gone through 5 watchbands and 3 batteries during that time. And once again, the watch is in need of a new watchband.

Measure the inside of your watch. Mine was 3/4" wide. You want the watchband to be snug when you slip it over and under the watch pieces.

I cut a strip of felted fabric 3/4" wide x 14-15" long. You can make yours longer or shorter if you want. Just slip it under the watch and attach the little silver thingys (like that word?).

I just tied the watch on, but you could use velcro or a snap for the enclosure.

The possibilities are endless...embroidering the felt, cutting the felt so that it goes behind the entire watch (in which case you'd have to make a slit for the silver thingys to go through), adding pom-poms, fringe...

Now if only my watch would work... it needs a new battery too.


Owner said...

This is a great idea! I love the idea of being able to have different bands for different outfits :)

Claire Louise Milne said...

I love this, it's so simple but looks so great! I have a watch with a broken strap so I'm going to try this for sure. thank you for the inspiration.

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Unknown said...

hey! i recognise that sweater! (i made legwarmers from mine) i found you via needlebook - great watch strap idea! yay - another great blog to read :-)