Monday, August 11, 2008

Bug Party

Bug Party Fun, originally uploaded by hurrayic.

Saturday was spent celebrating my youngest's 8th birthday party. Goldilocks would have agreed with the weather; it was just right. Good thing! That meant that 11 little testosterone boys could do most of their running around OUTSIDE. It was fun except for 1 snafu:

ALWAYS try out a new game before the day of the party to see if it will actually work.

We had a bees-into-the-beehive game all planned out. How clever we were, we thought! We blew up a ton of bright yellow balloons, some complete with silly markered bee faces. The plan was to swat (using clean fly swatters) the bees (balloons) around one hive like a bee dance and into another beehive. We imagined all these little bees swarming into the 'hive'. Well as soon as a 'bee' hit the grass, it popped! We have sharp grass, not the luscious soft green stuff you see in magazine ads and dream about. So all the little boys ended up popping the balloons, (good fun!) leaving scraps of yellow latex scattered on the lawn like extra cheese on a pizza.


Jessica said...

That looks like a great party...especially the worms and dirt. Mental note: must make worms and dirt before summer ends!

a friend to knit with said...

oh. who doesn't love a bug party!!!
how fun. and the balloons! i am sure the boys were totally into that!!!

angela said...

I am loving the bug party. Even though I have girls, I think they would love it! Drop by my blog...I've got an award for you!

daysease said...

so fun!!! did you just comb the internet for ideas. i will be doing a bug theme eventually and would love to use so of your ideas. it is great for boys or girls!!!