Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Flowers

Anne & Parsley, originally uploaded by hurrayic.

This is all I could muster at the end of yet another busy week. Good, but busy. As I read through other blogs, I see that we're all in the same boat - wishing for more creative time yet having to fill home needs and new school needs right now, in this season of winding down and gearing up. So I leave you with a bouquet of free flowers to enjoy - Queen Anne's Lace growing wild in our backyard and parsley from my flowerpot.

Enjoy the weekend.


Mom2fur said...

That is so pretty! The colors are so bright and refreshing.

ellen said...

What a lovely bouquet. Such a nice way to start the weekend...though it will be a hot one here!

randi said...

The flowers look great in the blue jar!

Kerstin said...

I wouldn't have recognized this for parsley, not even the flat variety. I love homemade bouquets like this, such a gorgeous photo, too!