Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday, already?

Look, Ma! I put my face in the water!

This week streaked by like lightning. We've been busy with swim lessons each evening (finally found some affordable ones) which of course upset our dinner routine/schedule as well as what we ate: junk. Anyone have any quick and healthy recipes that kids like to eat? We have another week of swim lessons coming up...

This week I also turned into a baking fiend. For some reason the idea using my oven while it was hot outside was very strong, and I ended up creating (and partially eating, unfortunately):

a black raspberry puff pastry tart,

a banana bread recipe with garam masala,

Gone! In zero-to-60 seconds!
fried doughnuts with 10x sugar

and gazpacho. (Okay, so the last isn't baking and there's no photo...but it was yummy, and it is my husband's 2nd favorite, his first being cold cucumber soup.)

I also drove around like mad to various dollar stores looking for goodies for my son's goody bags. I should have made more meaningful things but time was short. He's having a bug party tomorrow, so today we decorated, figured out games and made some dirt cake.

Phew! I'm beat, but I did manage to squeeze in my 3rd Simplicity 3835 shirt. It's made from linen: the black is leftover from this shirt and the blue is from a pair of linen pants that I bought several years ago on the clearance rack. I didn't quite have enough blue for the sleeves, hence the black. It reminds me of a baseball shirt - it looks better on than hanging here on the hanger.

I changed the proportions again and it fits much better. I'm thinking of several more - maybe one with 3/4 length sleeves for the fall/winter.

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daysease said...

cute shirt!! I WANT DONUTS!!! when i go back to the States, that is on my to-do list- eat donuts!!! :-)