Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Show

Hidden behind this young man was my son's drawing of a dinosaur.
My daughter's pieces are on the right.
That shoe is the first pair of shoes I (well, okay, Grandma) bought her.

Last Friday evening was spent enjoying an art show of which 2 of my children participated. One side of the community art center's room was decorated with artwork (in various mediums) from adults in the area; the other side was hung with work from 2 different homeschool co-ops. My older children had pencil drawings and charcoal work in the show. And, like any opening, there was:

My younger sons tried to be dainty in sneaking the crackers & cheese.

the celebration food (child-friendly and non-alcoholic kind)

a beautiful building to house the show,

"Can we go home, yet?"
plenty of admirers,

and of course, the artwork.

It was a nice change of pace, a delightful way to end a long week. I hope they have more opportunities to participate in things like this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Almost 30. 30 days since my last post. Hurrayic has been playing hookey for all that time?

Not quite. I wish. Starting up homeschool and co-op classes and engaging in home improvement projects (yes, we decided to flatten ceilings, paint walls and put in flooring right before school began again - literally the weekend before - what possessed us to do that?) has kept us working at a hectic pace. So much so, that my poor blog has suffered. I've taken few photographs and have nothing creative to share except for the home projects (I'll show you some pictures when I take them...)

But I'm beginning to feel the cloud lift from my head and some light filtering through my thoughts. I just had to take almost 30 days to reprioritize some things. Things which will hopefully help all areas - school, home, kids, craft, life.