Saturday, October 04, 2008


That's about all I feel we (I) have time for at the moment. Oh, how I would love to pour myself a cup of coffee, listen to some nice music and blog for the afternoon. Visiting and writing. Ogling and editing.

But for now, my time is mainly spent with school things. Geography, history (2 different time frames for 2 different sets of kids), science (sea life for one set; physical science for the other set). And then there's math, spelling, grammar, writing, writing and more writing. Oh yes, and French, typing (when there's time to fit it in)...

It's good and satisfying in many ways so I suppose I'll just have to be okay with blogging fewer times for now. At least until this season passes.

I did, however, manage to sew some new curtains for our almost-finished, re-done diningroom. The fabric is from Ikea. I bought it 2 years ago - I don't think they carry it anymore. It's very Marimekko-like. Notice the flooring? It used to be off-white wall to wall. Glad it's gone.